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How much does a 30 second ad cost on ESPN radio or TV? Advertise On ESPN radio and TV – lowest cost, rates and remnants, local and national advertising
Here you will find the cost of a 30 or 60 second spot on all ESPN programs Advertise on ESPN radio and TV – ESPN delivers your advertising message to 11 Million People a Day on ESPN Radio and TV. TV ad costs often under $100.00 a spot. Phone number for advertising sales 888-449-2526. Yes – You have found the right ad sales department contact for ESPN Sports radio and TV ad sales! ESPN Local or National – 2019 Media kit available! 2020 Media Kit coming soon!

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Call 888-449-2526 to advertise on ESPN sports radio and TV

Rates and cost for ads on ESPN? Advertise on ESPN radio and TV. Advertising options, rates, starting under $25.00 for local ads. Audience size, cume, AQH share. Get a Media Kit contact us, advertise on our web site on the internet, ESPN has every base covered. For advertising Contact us at Call 888- 449-2526 and find out how much it costs! Choose from popular shows like Sports center, Around the Horn, Sports Nation and Outside the Lines or the regional internet coverage’s with ESPN Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York, Your advertising message will be seen by millions on ESPN. If you want to be a part of the World Series of Poker, we have you covered. For advertising Contact us at 888-449-2526 and find out how much it costs! We can get you special advertising rates and personalized service. Call today atHow to advertise and get then best rates on radio advertising, TV advertising, Remnant, display,banner, digital and online too. Great advertising deals on Sirius XM, CNN, Fox Sports. “World of X Games” is a weekly TV show on ABC featuring a variety of X Games and athlete-focused content.

Phone number for advertising sales 888-449-2526

Example TV rate card for ESPN sports programming (Available to serious inquiries) 888-449-2526

Call 888-449-2526 for current rates as there have been many changes on the National and Local ad rate cards. Use contact form or call to get current – Thanks!

How to advertise on the Game telecasts:

ACC Wednesday
Big Monday
ESPN College Football Saturday Primetime
ESPN College Football Thursday Primetime
ESPN Full Circle/Megacast
ESPN Major League Soccer
ESPN2 College Football Friday Primetime
ESPN2 College Football Saturday Primetime
Friday Night Fights
Monday Night Baseball
Monday Night Football
NBA Friday
NBA Wednesday
Professional Bowlers Association
Saturday Primetime
Sunday Night Baseball
Super Tuesday
Throwdown Thursday
Wednesday Night Baseball
Wednesday Night Fights
WNBA Tuesday

Advertise on Talk sports talk and Ask about celebrity host endorsements

Stephen A. Smith
Around the Horn
Best of Mike and Mike
Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable
First Take
First Take Re-Take
His & Hers
Mike and Mike in the Morning
Outside the Lines
Pardon the Interruption
The Sports Reporters
Winners Bracket
Original series
30 for 30
ESPN2 Block Party
ESPN2 Garage
Madden Nation
NBA Live: Bring It Home
The New American Sportsman
Nine for IX
World Series of Poker

Call us at 888-449-2526 to advertise on ESPN Radio or TV

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Advertise on all ESPN programs:

Baseball Tonight
The Beat
College Football Final
College Football Live
College Football Scoreboard
College GameDay basketball
College GameDay football
College GameNight
College GameNight: Midnight Madness
The Jump
MMA Live
Monday Night Countdown
NASCAR Countdown
NBA Coast to Coast
NBA Countdown
NBA Fastbreak
NBA Shootaround
NFL Insiders
NFL Live
NFL Matchup
NFL Primetime
Outside the Lines First Report
Sunday NFL Countdown
WNBA Shootaround
World Cup Live


How do you advertise on all things ESPN? Call 888-449-2526

Here are some of the  great personalities and hosts to advertise on…

Current ESPN personalities for advertising…
How do you advertise on ESPN? Call 888-449-2526.

Henry Abbott: 2007-present (TrueHoop)
J.A. Adande: 2003–present (Around the Horn)
Eric Allen: 2002–present (NFL Live)
John Anderson: 1999–present (SportsCenter)
Erin Andrews: 2004–present (College Football, Basketball and MLB coverage)
Greg Anthony: 2002–present (NBA Shootaround)
B.J. Armstrong: 2005–present (NBA Fastbreak)
Jim Armstrong: 2004–present (Around the Horn)
Jack Arute: 1984–present (College Football and IRL coverage)fffff
Stephen Bardo: ?–present (College Basketball coverage)
Dave Barnett: 1996–present (College Football, Basketball and MLB coverage)
John Barr: 2003–present (SportsCenter Reporter)
Skip Bayless: 2003–present (1st and 10 and Cold Pizza/ESPN First Take)
Chris Berman: 1979–present (SportsCenter, MLB Coverage, Sunday NFL Countdown, and NFL Primetime)
Bonnie Bernstein: 1995–1998 and 2006–present (SportsCenter correspondent, Wednesday Night Baseball, College Football, NFL, substitute host for NFL Live and Jim Rome is Burning)
Steve Berthiaume: 2000-2006, 2007-present (SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight)
Jay Bilas: 1995–present (College Gameday and College Basketball coverage)
Kevin Blackistone: 2003–present (Around the Horn)
Todd Blackledge: 2006–present (College Football coverage)
Aaron Boulding: 2005–present (Videogame analyst)
Mike Breen: 2003–present (NBA coverage)
Tom Brennan: 2005–present (College GameNight)
Chris Broussard: 2004–present (NBA Fastbreak)
Dee Brown: 2005–present (NBA Fastbreak)
Cindy Brunson: 1999–present (SportsCenter and ESPNEWS)
John Buccigross: 1996–present (Baseball Tonight, ESPNEWS, “NHL2Night” and SportsCenter)
Ric Bucher: 1999–present (NBA Fastbreak)
Steve Bunin: 2003–present (ESPNEWS)
Doris Burke: 1991–present (College Football and Women’s Basketball coverage)
Ryan Burr: 2005–present (SportsCenter and CFB Live)
Dave Campbell: 1990–present (Baseball Tonight and Sunday Night Baseball)
Rick Carlisle: 2007-present (NBA coverage)
Norman Chad: 2003–present (World Series of Poker)
John Clayton: 1995–present (Sunday NFL Countdown, NFL Live and SportsCenter Reporter)
Linda Cohn: 1992–present (SportsCenter and X Center)
Chris Connelly: 2001–present (SportsCenter Reporter)
Beano Cook: 1986–present (College Gameday)
Kevin Corke: 1999-2005, SportsCenter)
Lee Corso: 1987–present (College Gameday)
Roger Cossack: 2003–present (Legal Analyst)
Tim Cowlishaw: 2004–present (Around the Horn and NASCAR Now)
Jay Crawford: 2003–present (Co-host of Cold Pizza/ESPN First Take and 1st & 10)
Steve Cyphers: 1990–present (SportsCenter Reporter)
Stacey Dales: 2002–present (Women’s and Men’s College Basketball)
Bob Davie: 2002–present (College Football coverage)
Hubert Davis: 2005–present (College GameNight and College Basketball coverage)
Rece Davis: 1994–present (SportsCenter, College Gamenight and College Gameday)
Len Elmore

Orestes Destrade: 2005–present (Baseball Tonight and WBC coverage)
Mike Ditka: 2004–present (Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown)
Tina Dixon: 2006–present (College Football coverage)
Colleen Dominguez: 2004–present (SportsCenter Reporter)
Jim Durham: 1992–present (NBA coverage)
Jimmy Dykes: ?–present (College Basketball coverage)
Len Elmore: 1991–present (College GameNight and College Basketball coverage)
Dick Enberg: 2004–present (Tennis coverage)
Neil Everett: 2000–present (SportsCenter)
Robert Flores: 2005-present (SportsCenter, ESPN News)
Chris Fowler: 1986–present (College Gameday, Tennis and NASCAR Coverage)
Fran Fraschilla: 2004–present (College GameNight and College Basketball coverage)
Ron Franklin: 1987–present (College Basketball and Football Coverage)
Peter Gammons: 1988–present (Baseball Tonight)
Terry Gannon: ?–present (College Basketball and Football coverage)
Gary Gerould: 1990–present (Auto Racing Coverage)
Pedro Gomez: 2003–present (SportsCenter Reporter)
Doug Gottlieb: 2004–present (College GameNight)
Mike Golic: 1995–present (NFL Live and Mike & Mike in the Morning)
Scott Goodyear: 2001–present (Indy Racing League coverage)
Mike Gottfried: 1990–present (College Football coverage)
Jim Gray: 1984–present (NBA coverage)
Hank Goldberg: 1992–present (Horse Racing and Sportscenter Reporter)
Mike Greenberg: 1996–present (SportsCenter and Mike & Mike in the Morning)
Jay Harris: 2003–present (ESPNEWS and SportsCenter)
Kirk Herbstreit: 1995–present (College Gameday)
Orel Hershiser: 2006–present (Baseball Tonight)
Fred Hickman: 2004–present (SportsCenter)
Merril Hoge: 1996–present (NFL Live and NFL Matchup)
Lou Holtz: 2005–present (College GameNight)
Bob Holtzman: ?–present (SportsCenter Reporter)
Desmond Howard: 2005–present (College GameNight)
Tom Jackson: 1987–present (Sunday NFL Countdown, NFL Primetime and Monday Night Countdown)
Dana Jacobson: 2002–present (Co-host of Cold Pizza/ESPN First Take and 1st & 10; formerly SportsCenter)
Keyshawn Johnson: 2007-present (Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown)
Ron Jaworski: 1990–present (Monday Night Countdown, Sunday NFL Countdown and NFL Matchup)
Mark Jones: 1990–present (College Basketball, Women’s Basketball and Football coverage)
Steve “Snapper” Jones: 2004–present (NBA coverage)
Eric Karros: 2005–present (Thursday Night Baseball)
Andy Katz: 2000–present (college basketball analyst)
Brian Kenny: 1997–present (SportsCenter, Friday Night Fights and Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Blame)
Quint Kessenich: 2005–present (college lacrosse and Major League Lacrosse coverage)
Mel Kiper, Jr.: 1984–present (NFL Draft coverage)
Suzy Kolber: 1993–1996 and 1999–present (Monday Night Football and SportsCenter)
Tony Kornheiser: 1997–present (Co-host of Pardon the Interruption, Monday Night Football)
John Kruk: 2004–present (Baseball Tonight)
Tim Kurkjian: 1998–present (Baseball Tonight)
Steve Lavin: 2004–present (College GameNight and college basketball coverage)
Tim Legler: 2000–present (NBA Shootaround and NBA Fastbreak)
Steve Levy: 1993–present (SportsCenter)
Bob Ley: 1979–present (Outside the Lines and SportsCenter)
Jackie MacMullan: 2003–present (Around the Horn)
Mark May: ?–present (College GameNight)
Chris McKendry: 1996–present (SportsCenter and ESPNEWS)
Paul Maguire: 1998–present (College Football coverage)
Rick Majerus: 2004–present (College GameNight and College Basketball coverage]])
Jay Mariotti: 2003–present (Around the Horn)
Buck Martinez: 2003–present (MLB coverage)
Mike Massaro: 2004–present (NASCAR coverage)
Kenny Mayne: 1994–present (Sunday NFL Countdown, SportsCenter, and horse racing coverage)
Tim McCormick: ?–present (college basketball coverage)
Lon McEachern: 1994–present (World Series of Poker)
Patrick McEnroe: 1995–present (Tennis coverage)
Barry Melrose: 1995–present (NHL coverage)
Gary Miller: 1990–present (SportsCenter and MLB coverage)
Jon Miller: 1990–present (Sunday Night Baseball)
Adriana Monsalve: 2007-present (ESPN Deportes)
Joe Morgan: 1990–present (Sunday Night Baseball)
Chris Mortensen: 1991–present (Sunday NFL Countdown, Monday Night Countdown and Sportscenter Reporter)
Brent Musburger: 1990–present (College Basketball, NASCAR, and NBA coverage)
Kelly Naqi (formerly Kelly Neal): 1987–present (Outside the Lines reporter)
Brad Nessler: 1992–present (College Football and Basketball coverage)
Rachel Nichols: 2004–present (SportsCenter and E:60 reporter)
Andy North: 2004–present (Golf coverage)
Dari Nowkhah: 2005–present (ESPNEWS)
Wendi Nix: 2006–present (SportsCenter Reporter)
Dave O’Brien: 2000–present (Major League Soccer, World Cup Soccer, College Basketball, Football and MLB coverage)
Buster Olney: 2003–present (Baseball Tonight)
Paul Page (Auto racing coverage)
Woody Paige: 2003–present (Around the Horn, Cold Pizza and 1st and 10)
Sal Paolantonio: 1995–present (SportsCenter Reporter)
Len Pasquarelli: 2001–present (SportsCenter Reporter)
Mike Patrick: 1982–present (College Basketball, Baseball, and Football coverage)
Kyle Peterson: 2005–present (College Baseball coverage)
Digger Phelps: 1993–present (College Gameday and College GameNight)
Steve Phillips: 2005–present (Baseball Tonight and MLB coverage)
Bill Pidto: 2003–present (ESPNEWS)
Bill Plaschke: 2003–present (Around the Horn)
Jerry Punch: 1984–present (NASCAR and College Football coverage)
Derek Rae: 1994–present (Champions League coverage)
Bill Raftery: 1980–present (College Basketball coverage)
Karl Ravech: 1993–present (Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter)
Tony Reali: 2000–present (Stat Boy on Pardon the Interruption and Host of Around the Horn)
Marty Reid: (IRL and NHRA coverage)
Tom Rinaldi: 2003–present (SportsCenter Reporter)
Jim Rome: 2003–present (Jim Rome Is Burning)
Jalen Rose: 2007-present (NBA coverage)
Holly Rowe: 1997–present (College Basketball and Football coverage)
Bob Ryan: 1993–present (The Sports Reporters and Around the Horn)
Bill Simmons 2001–Present
Sean Salisbury: 1997–present (NFL Live)
Lisa Salters: 2000–present (SportsCenter Reporter)
John Saunders: 1986–present (Host of The Sports Reporters; former host of NBA Shootaround)
Dan “The Voice” Scandalito: 1999-Present (Sportscenter Reporter)
Jeremy Schaap: 1996–present (Outside the Lines host; SportsCenter and E:60 reporter)
Joe Schad: 2005–present (College Football coverage)
Mark Schlereth: 2002–present (NFL Live)
Howie Schwab: 1987–present (Stump the Schwab)
Mark Schwarz: ?–present (Outside the Lines)
Stuart Scott: 1993–present (SportsCenter, host of Monday Night Countdown, Teammates, Dream Job and Stump the Schwab)
Dan Shulman: 1995–present (MLB and college basketball play-by-play announcer)
Paul Silas: 2005–present (NBA Fastbreak)
George Smith: ?–present (SportsCenter Reporter)
Michael Smith: 2003–present (Around the Horn, NFL Live, and E:60)
Shelley Smith: 1997–present (SportsCenter Reporter)
Stephen A. Smith: 2003–present (NBA Shootaround and Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith)
Tommy Smyth: 1993–present (Champions League and Major League Soccer coverage)
Shannon Spake: 2007-present (NASCAR Beat Reporter)
Chris Spielman: 2001–present (College Football coverage)
Jayson Stark: 1999–present (Baseball Tonight)
Sage Steele: 2007-present (SportsCenter and ESPN First Take)
Marc Stein: 2002–present (NBA Fastbreak)
J.W. Stewart: 2000–present (ESPNEWS)
Rob Stone: 1997–present (Major League Soccer)
Steve Stone (MLB Coverage)
Rick Sutcliffe: 2002–present (MLB coverage)
Michele Tafoya: 2000–present (Monday Night Football)
Gary Thorne: 1992–present (Play-by-play announcer for various sporting events)
Mike Tirico: 1991–present (College Football, Golf Coverage and Monday Night Football)
Tom Tolbert: 2002–present (NBA coverage)
Bob Valvano: 1998–present (College Basketball coverage)
Scott Van Pelt: 2001–present (SportsCenter and Golf Coverage)
Stan Verrett: 2000–present (SportsCenter and ESPNEWS)
Dick Vitale: 1979–present (College Basketball Coverage)
Rusty Wallace: 2006–present (Auto racing coverage)
Bill Walton: 2002–present (NBA coverage)
Pam Ward: 1996–present (College Football and Women Basketball Coverage)
Ed Werder: 1998–present (SportsCenter Reporter)
Michael Wilbon: 2001–present (Co-host of Pardon the Interruption)
Jason Williams: 2005–present (College Basketball coverage)
Matt Winer: 2001–present (SportsCenter and NBA Fastbreak)
Trey Wingo: 1997–present (SportsCenter and NFL Live)
Gene Wojciechowski: 1992–present (Around the Horn)
Darren Woodson: 2005–present (NFL Live)
Eric Wynalda: 2003–present (MLS and World Cup)

Bart & Hahn
9:00 am Fri, 8/13 – Bart & Hahn Presented by Progressive espn+
Little League Baseball
8:00 am Hastings, NE vs. Davenport, IA (Midwest Regional Semifinal #2) espn1
7:44 am Pakistan vs. West Indies presented by Betway (1st Test – Day 2) espn+
8:59 am 2016 CFP: Alabama vs. Clemson sec
NCAA Football
7:30 am #11 Texas vs. West Virginia (Football) longhorn
Get Up!
9:00 am Get Up! espnews
Packer and Durham
7:00 am Packer and Durham acc
7:00 am USRowing Masters Nationals espn3
Fútbol Picante
9:00 am Fútbol Picante espndeportes
9:00 am SportsCenter espn2
Track and Field
NCAA Track and Field
7:29 am 2021 NCAA Men’s & Women’s Indoor Track & Field Championships